It is very important to maintain your car by taking it for regular repairs and servicing. If your car is in good condition, it will pass the MOT test.

The life of your car depends on the care taken and also choosing a good company for repair and services. Your car demands routine and scheduled maintenance so that the vehicle runs in good condition. A car that runs smoothly will not only save your hard earned money but will also keep you away from the headaches. But, to keep your car in an excellent condition, you need to look for a good garage or auto repair centre who can offer you great services.

Here online car service websites like Car Servicing Point comes as a feasible option. Booking your car service online is easy and convenient. In just a few simple steps book your car service: provide the details of the car (make & model) and a time and date that suits you, and order online. The car will be picked up from your door step and delivered at your convenient time once the work is done.

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Car Servicing Point makes the process of having a car service hassle free, convenient and cost effective. No need to worry about dealing with a garage, or negotiating the service cost and work, just book your car service with us and we will make sure everything is taken care for you.
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Car Servicing

Car Servicing in UK

Nowadays making sure your car service is carried out by properly trained and trustworthy technicians is more important than ever. The technical advancement made by car manufacturers means that routine car servicing work is far more complex than ever before and it is not advisable to take on a car service or even oil change oneself.

Booking a car service can be a nightmare task for many motorists. How much should it cost? What should it include? We lift the lid on several big-name garages and look at what’s on offer.

That said paying over the odds for car servicing at main franchised dealers is a real worry, the high rates and vagaries in standards of work is a real concern. We also all hear of stories of rogue mechanics at unscrupulous garages claiming that significant work must be carried out to ensure your vehicle is properly road worthy. It almost looks like either way the motorist is paying over the odds.

Should you use an independent garage or a franchised dealer? How much should you expect to shell out? And what if you need additional repairs? The UK has more than around 20,000 licensed garages, making choosing the garage a bit of a gamble. And with prices ranging from £45 to almost £200 for different services, it can be a very confusing process

The good news is, by law you should never be charged more than £54.85 for an MOT. But when it comes to servicing, it’s a whole different scenario.

Well, Car Servicing Point is here to help. We are a national chain of independent garages committed to the highest levels of customer care and abide by a strict code of conduct. We ensure we give honest advice to our customers and also supply itemized bills for all work carried out. We use quality parts and never carry out work without your prior knowledge and approval.

Our business values mean that we aim to keep your custom and want your repeat business. We can only do this if you are completely satisfied with the work carried out. That’s why we charge a fair price for an outstanding job, and that’s a promise!. So whether you want a routine car service or a full MOT we are here to help.

Different vehicles will have different service requirements and costs will vary between models.  A standard service is not the same at every garage so motorists should ask exactly what they’re getting for their money and what extras may be included.”

Source: Car Servicing Point Blog

Know Where You Stand With Car Costs

Car manufacturers are always coming up with new and better ways to attract customers to their brand. Special offers, obviously, and cut price accessories are pretty much the norm these day so more inventive ideas are coming to the fore.

Auto companies have realised that the average driver is struggling to keep car costs under control. Fixed price routine servicing is one more recent phenomenon. Now, and expect to see it spread like a bushfire, SEAT have stolen a march on the other brands with an online tyre ordering service designed to make the process as simple as possible.

The company say it is a quick and easy service with a wide variety of rubber on offer. The work will be done on their premises and the company are quoted as saying that tyres will cost from forty pounds per unit and that the final cost will be inclusive of fitting, balancing and disposal of the old tyres.

Browsers on the main SEAT website will have the use of an online web tool. This will make recommendations based on the car and the other usual parameters and in a regularly updated database will score those recommendations on the basis of price, fuel economy, wet grip, stopping distance and noise. Buyers can refine the choice until the right tyre stands out and can be ordered. The buyer can then turn up at their dealer at the appointed time knowing in total how much it is going to cost.seatyre1 Know Where You Stand With Car Costs

Now, sceptical readers will be pointing out under their breath that buying anything from main dealer is normally the most expensive way of doing it. This of course is often the case but think of the alternative. There will be the usual tiresome trawl around the independent tyre market, scratching around for savings. Once this is achieved it may well be that the savings are not as big as first thought, possibly because of the sundry extras that seem to be added on at the end.

Buying from your dealer gives you control. You know where, when and how much and who from and all from one visit to a website. That has just got to be worth money and, of course, you know who to go back to if not satisfied. A dealer will want your return business.

SEAT already offer their ‘It’s Fixed!’ pricing policy on servicing. How convenient would it be for your tyres to be changed at the regular service interval if ordered at the same time as booking? A one-stop shop. Now that is convenient. Expect other manufacturers to follow suit in short order.